Insights is a Sudanese NGO founded in 2021 following the December Revolution, dedicated to analyzing Sudan's security and political landscape, conducting research, and engaging with communities. Our mission is to address Sudan's challenges related to political violence, democratic transition, and social movements. Collaborating with civil society, media, and academia, Insights utilizes a multidisciplinary team of experts to collect data, produce periodic reports, conduct evidence-based research, and implement projects aimed at empowering communities and fostering positive change. Our work spans across Sudan's 18 States, including areas under the control of political armed groups, as we strive to build cross-sectoral partnerships and facilitate knowledge sharing to promote a deeper understanding of Sudan's challenges and advance democracy


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About Us

Insights collects and presents data on conflict and security events and demonstrations in all Sudan states on a daily basis following a methodology that tracks the type, time and location of the events and the actors involved with their roles.

Insights studies and descriptively analyzes the collected data and drafts monthly briefs covering the main events and changes in Sudan.

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